Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What up rain?

There is a guy, Zach, at project that says "What up (everything)". What up Harry Potter, what up project meal, what up shorts, what up microphone. So we are all saying that. Speaking of Harry Potter, we went to see it on our day off and really enjoyed it (photos on facebook!). But anyways, one week tomorrow I will be jumping on a plane and flying across the pond again! Craaaazy times. It has been really cool, even though we miss the other girls and we all realize how quiet the room is, Jo, Kelli and I have developed deeper friendships as we open up and share more. There are issues going on and very hard times at the moment for one of them, pray that the truth of the gospel would be clear, very very clear and wouldn't just be head knowledge but trickle down to her hearts in a more complete belief of the truth.

One thing that was cool at leadership training was how we are to be replaceable. We have to disciple in a way that will enable the disciples to disciple other people! If we are not reproducing and being replaced, it'll cause stagnation. So to stay in a role of leadership is not at all strategic, there'll be no growth but it would be because of pride you do it. Zach (project director) said that this was how people grow... in the end, if they wanted the BEST people that KNOW the most and are the WISEST and more EXPERIENCED, there would be a staff member in each of the rooms and not room leaders and it would do alot of good to the disciples in those rooms... but that's the beauty of it, we grow as we lead others and are lead by others... God doesn't seem to work in "efficient" ways, as it were, but uses our failures and lack of experience to bring himself glory. It's kind of crazy really, but I have just been in awe of the fact that I am a room leader not because of my great wisdom and knowledge and spirituality (note the sarcasm in here please) but for my growth as well as their growth. It's something I kind of knew, but it was great to be reminded about that. And as Colin in Navs said, you are not a "leader who serves", you are a "servant who leads" so that when you are not leading and that is taken away, you remain a servant. If you identity is being a leader then when that is taken away, what are you left with? But we are servants of Jesus Christ.

So thats just a wee thought for now. The social tomorrow night is a dance party with both Projects and we are to dress up as what we wanted to be when we were younger. I can't really remember if I wanted to be anything weird (like Lucy who wanted to be a dustbin collector) but I always wanted to be an actress so we went to a thrift store (aka charity shop) and there were like no clothes and we found a lone rail and the guy shouted over that everything cost one dollar! So I found a lovely red dress that a movie star would wear and got it for a pound! And I broke my shoe before getting in the car to go to that shop so now I am wearing lovely blue and white polka dot flip flips for a dollar. So that was a financial WIN. Its been amazing to see God's provision as I have been here, with the job and support I have been able to cover the rent for Project and thought still need to put back money in my normal account that I have used for expenses here (for my rent), I am just in wonder of how God has provided and I'm sure will continue to - even though we had to pay 200 dollars for the car to be fixed (now it is running again, thank goodness! - it was the fuel pump. Lesson learnt!). He is faithful in my faithlessness.

Last 3 days of work coming up and then the schedule breaks down. Monday we will be going to Charleston for the day and we have lots of "return training" going on as we all prepare to head back. So pray for us through that and I will be blogging again before the end...
With lots and lots of love,

Ps. The title is because it has been raining since Monday. Rain, please leave us for one week? =D

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  1. Be sure and get a photo in the red dress... What up movie star?! :)