Sunday, 7 August 2011

Strong as a mighty rock..

Back in Britain, on the other side of the pond! To wrap things up: Kelli, Jo and I had some great times together and really bonded as there were only 3 of us left, though it felt weird sometimes that Libby and Rachel were not there. Zara, Ben, Remya and I finished our Perspectives mission class which I loved and really enjoyed... it really has changed my view on missions and the need for us to go to unreached people groups! I finished at Fire and Ice officially last Saturday but went in almost everyday and if there was ever a rush of 30 people coming in, would jump in behind the counter and help.. and they extended an invitation to me to come back whenever I wanted, assured of a place to stay and a job.

Coming back home it has been great to see my lovely family and the local church down here we go to, but I am also excited about getting back to Edinburgh and church there, my flat, athletics, Navs, CU and Biology :). However, I have about a month of rest before that and what to use my time well processing and thinking through all we have learnt (if I am not intentional in planning out my time, I will actually waste it all...) and planning for the coming year based on what I have learnt.

I think the biggest shock has been seeing that I am so quick to forget the joy of salvation and the delight that it is to rest in grace, and see my reactions to people and negative feelings and just be disheartened as I ask "Was it all just a far away experience that has no implications for my life here?" And the answer to that is NO. He is as STRONG as a mighty rock, his promises ring out true for all eternity (Joshua 23:14 "...You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the Lord your God gave you has failed") and if salvation is mine then I am beloved and safe and secure and free in his arms, called to godliness and equipped for life to the full, with him at the centre. I can't do it on my own and though I think I am big and strong and adult and impressive to God, I am like a 2 year old that keeps trying to walk and falling flat on her face, but there is no condemnation, only love from a great Father that picks her up and sets her off again. And as I see sinful thoughts and motivations in me, all I can say is "This is not me anymore, this does not define me. I am a new creation, a child of the risen King." and then come to God and say "I am a new creation but there is still old self in me, this sin doesn't define me anymore and I am not condemned but it is still in me, please, work in me to make me more like you and rid me of this". For his glory and our joy (and hence his glory!).

So I have no idea what is in store next summer, part of me wants to go back to STP again but it's a long time before next summer and I'll be trusting things fall into place.
Thanks for following :).
With love in Him and goodbye for now, Kat.