Saturday, 23 July 2011

Less than 2 weeks to go?

I can't believe how fast time has gone, but even though there are less than two weeks but this is by no means the end. And we have gone down in number again, Rachel left a while back and Libby just left us to go back to Missouri on Thursday. She was homesick earlier on and almost left like two weeks in but then it went away and she was fine! But decided a while back she would probably leave Project early to decide what courses to do next year and spend time with the family. So now the room feels really empty! But Kelli, Jo and I had some bonding time this morning as we realized that the gas (petrol) in Matt Harsh's car (he leant us it for the summer) was completely out (because it was like empty when we drove to the airport and back but other people drove it so we didn't notice!) and then on the way to Bible Study Training it really did die. So today for like 3 hours (10.30am till like 1.15pm) in the heat of the day (100 degress f.) we ran back and forth from the petrol station with our wee galloon bucket buying petrol and trying to get it to start up again. It's not the oil and we looked at the petrol pump fuse thingy and it was fine - what can I say, I'm learning a ton about cars! We let Matt know what happened and felt really bad we let it get that low, he said he wasn't mad, just a bit frustrated because he knows its an old car but its his old girl... so, a lot of lessons being learnt. Apparently there is a cylinder??? thing inside the petrol thing (Yep, I am car ignorant) that is supposed to sit in petrol to keep it cool and if the tank (thats it, tank!) was empty it could overheat so we will try again tonight when it is cooler. So that was today - I work at 5-11.30pm in Fire and Ice... I can't express how much I love it here, and I like working with coffee and ice-cream but honestly, its about the people I am working with. James and Caroline (Papi and Mammy!) grandparents, Sarah and her 3 nephews Josh, William and Jack... I love them all =). So now I have my real family, my Kenyan family, my Arequipa-German family, my Lima-Australian family and now my South Carolinian family :). I am so blessed.

I am still grasping how loved I am and how I am to just REST in the good news of the gospel, it's not me changing anyone. We had a Job Social (where we put on skits and songs and invited all our employers and co-workers to watch and Greg gave a gospel presentation talk) and Josh and William came along and got to hear it =)! But I loved when Greg explained how this king of all, while we were still in sin, gave Jesus to die for us. If, when still in sin, Jesus DIED for me, how much more, when I fail at praying, or fail at depending on Him will he not love me and teach me and heal me and change me!? Its like.. when I was hostile and an enemy he sent his son to DIE for us, and for me... then as his beloved, holy daughter (by Jesus' blood) will he not change me to be more like Him, for his glory?. That was extremely encouraging and has had me drawing closer in prayer (so so so slowly.. its clear its not my decision to pray that has me doing it, its only a teeny bit by a teeny bit as I see his love...) and enjoy Him.

So it has been super busy, with working 40 hours this past week on top of everything else (haha welcome to everyone else's experience of Project Katherine Heron) which is why it may seem I am not online a ton... but I am still alive and well and kicking :). Pray for Kelli and Jo and myself, we still have things to talk and work through, and pray for unity and honesty between the three of us in the last time we have together. I really am growing to love the girls in the room more and more and miss Rachel and now Libby, but everything happens for a reason. :)
Also, I know I said I would NOT be coming back next summer and I am not saying I've changed my mind, but the folks here are Fire and Ice keep asking me if I am and that I would be able to work here for the summer, etc. etc. so yeah, I am just thinkign about it at the mo.. next summer is a while away yet but, just to let you know that thought is on my mind :).
Thanks for your love and support and prayers in the midst of the little communication going on at the moment.
Ok, so this is the song that comes on one trillion times a day in Fire and Ice:
Just for a feel for the music I listen too haha and it is totally growing on me. :)
Love from beautiful Garden City,

Kat =)

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  1. I am so blessed by your blog...Keep on keeping on Katherine Heron!!!