Saturday, 21 May 2011

9 days to go...

I am very excited about heading to the States and getting my skin ready for the sun as I sit outside in the garden in Stowmarket soaking in the sun - exams are finished! Hopefully they all went well, it is a relief to be finished - although scary to think I am halfway through my university degree!

So plans for the USA are going forth, I am getting clothes and stuff sorted out for travelling there, trying to remember what I needed last time (pens, aftersun, study bible, etc.) and looking forward to being there, though I am still slightly apprehensive about what it is going to be like... sometimes I feel completely unable to minister or lead the girls at all, who am I?.. and other times I feel confident that I can do it.. as a friend reminded me, I am forgiven, redeemed and equipped to do good works for God! It's not that I am perfect, it's that he works in weakness and is glorified. I've started to realize his grace is enough not only for the task I have to do but also taking into account my sinful nature - which is really freeing.

As for jobs, Bi-Lo was a definite no, Krystal is next and they have pretty much said no but there is some hope that they might agree to take us on, and if that doesn't work out STP staff will try at Piggly Wiggly (I want to work there just so I can say I have worked at a place called Piggly Wiggly!!). So still waiting, we will travel to the States as tourists (it looks like its too late to sort out work visas at the Embassy here) and then hopefully get the visa sorted out.

Maybe the next update will be from Myrtle Beach! Or maybe to say we have jobs! I am excited either way and really looking forward to it....
Will be in touch soon!