Sunday, 19 June 2011

So I opened up mozilla and my quote of the day (from "" read "The beauty of making disciples: This is the beauty of making disciples. When we take responsibility for helping others grow in Christ, it automatically takes our own relationship with Christ to a new level.")

I thought that was very fitting for what has been going on here! It has been topsy turvy but such an adventure! Still living in a cramped up room (where I, much to my shame am the untidiest of them all (but at least it is confined to my half of the bed most of the time)) but I love getting to know each other girls and go deeper with them. We are being more open and sharing what is on our hearts, and where we are not trusting that Jesus is enough for us (be it in relationships, eating habits, body image and so many other things!). Despite the crazy hectic schedule we have carved out time to hang out and to study through Colossians together.

As a room, one the girls was struggling with homesickness/anxiety and wanted to leave, but after a number of days of praying and thinking through it (today was to be the day she stayed till originally) she has decided to stay on and maybe leave only a week before the end of Project, so that is brilliant! Another one has suddenly burst out in hives and had to go to the doctor's and now has to be really careful so it doesn't happen again... Continue to pray for us!

One thing that hit me from our Bible Study Training is how if we just read the Bible for knowledge, it puffs us up (for example, those that feel they are freed in the gospel to do something i.e. eat meat sacrificed to idols look down on those who abstain from that, and those that abstain look down on those who eat meat). They are both acting in faith but there is no LOVE... If the Bible is sinking down from our heads to our hearts, we will be loving each other and not judging or looking down on others. I was convicted about this in my own life! And it has been good chatting through stuff with the girls too!

We are looking into working voluntarily somewhere and then writing cheques to Campus Outreach as a donation to us and then CO would deduct it from our rent, all this is legal so we are trying to see if that would work and would get us a job, but the staff have been great about letting us babysit the children for some money.

So just a word on what our week looks like:
Monday: Perspectives course and theme training (main meeting, each week has a theme)
Tuesday: Babysitting sometimes, perspectives course, Project meal and small groups (with the room).
Wednesday: Leaders training, Evangelism training, Beach evangelism and free time!
Thursday: Babysitting sometimes, perspectives course, Project meal and social.
Friday: Bible study training, cleaning the rooms, perspectives course, free time.
Saturday: Free time, perspectives course, free time.
Sunday: Life training, campus time, church, free time, optional praise and theology time.

So it is pretty awesome!
Hopefully will be updating shorter posts more regularly! :)
Love from Garden City (I love the summer heat so so very much!)
Kat xxxx

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  1. "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." Mother Teresa

    "If the Bible is sinking down from our heads to our hearts, we will be loving each other and not judging or looking down on others." Love it Kat!!!

    We're all learning to love...God bless you!!! xxx