Wednesday, 1 June 2011

In Myrtle Beach!!!

- Monday 30th May: 6am left my Uncle’s and walked (15 mins) to Gatwick. Convenient.
- Check in, coffee and left 8.45am, chatted to a Dubliner for the hour flight (love the accent!) to Dublin.
- Had an abrupt abandoned landing and did a “V” as we went up again because a plane was still taking off where we were supposed land!
- had a faff in Dublin pre-Atlanta flight because my checked in luggage was not photographed and I needed to identify it, so I did and then power walked to the departure gate as the big red capitals letters announced FINAL CALL
- Had a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta airport for my 4 hour layover (apparently 32oC outside = oh yeah, but the air conditioned airport didn’t let that on)
- Arrived in Myrtle Beach, welcomed by Allie and Amanda – bag was either in Atlanta or over the Atlantic ocean so left my number and they said they’d drop it off.
- 18 hours later... Arrived safe and sound!!!

So here I am now, in a bit we have Evangelism Training and then will go out to the beach to talk to people and then we have beach games to bond as teams. It’s only the leaders here at the moment, everyone else arrives on Thursday so there has been a lot of cleaning, making bunk beds and decorating going on, in anticipation of their arrival! Jet lag is OK, it means I am waking up early (7am here is 12pm there!) and this promises to be a busy summer!
- Pray for the girls (there will be 4 in my room, not 3... that was what tipped my balance and made me say “God, I cannot do this on my own”... which is true!), that they would be open to hearing the good news and would settle in well and we would get to know each other... that our relationships would be open and honest.
- No word on the job yet, we are still trying to get a yes from the employers at Piggly Wiggly, and after that they may try Walmart – if it doesn’t work out there is a Mission’s course the internationals that don’t have word VISAs will be doing, so pray that Gods will would be done.

Right, I have to go – thanks for reading =)

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  1. Piggly Wiggly sounds so much more poetic than Walmart...:)