Saturday, 23 April 2011


So! The flights are booked (before they go up in price any more) and I am smiling and happy (despite rain and revision) because I am going to go to stp 2011! It was a case of trusting that the work visas will come through ... we need an employer in Myrtle Beach to agree to fill in a form to employ us so that the embassy here can give us a work visa. With that job I'll be able to pay rent in Edinburgh for Jun-Aug and then the support that I raise I can use at Project (to help out with flights, as well as the total cost of accomodation, materials and a couple of meals a week (about 1,000 pounds)). So I'm really glad that I am going, but there are still alot of questions about the visa... something to pray for!
Good news is that I finish exams on the 16th of May so can head home for a week or two before leaving from London on the 30th May. :) Will give an update on what happens!

Kat =)

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